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March 2020

3/19 Progress update

Progress update Sorting through my old messed up files has been a pain. Some, like the final app I wrote in the Flutter/Dart class I took with Mr.

3/17 Progress

Progress 3/17 To be honest, I haven't gotten much done at all. This whole virus mess has been extremely distracting. My mother and stepdad who I live with

3/12 Plan for 3 weeks

Plan for three weeks I need to focus on completing 8 projects and mockups. I need my body of work organized and uploaded to Github with descriptions of

40 Days: Reflections

40 days of yoga I've been thinking quite a bit about this 40 day challenge. I really tried to lean into this assignment and get everything I could

40 Days: 3/8 Day Forty

Sunday Well, it's the last day of the 40 day yoga challenge. I'll write a longer post for my reflection; today's a normal entry. I am thinking quite

40 Days: 3/7 Day Thirty-Nine

Saturday I didn't really want to write about today, because it was pretty much a disappointment. I finally bought alcohol on Friday, for the first time in about

40 Days: 3/6 Day Thirty-Eight

Friday Today's the thirty-eighth of the forty day challenge. That means today and the weekend will be the last entries of this particular challenge. I'll be saving most

40 Days: 3/5 Day Thirty-Seven

Thursday It was a good day. I felt quite sore from the previous two days of yoga but still kept up during the practice with Suzanna. Compared to

40 Days: 3/4 Day Thirty-Six

Wednesday It's hard to believe we're already nearly done with our 40 day challenges. Well, not that hard to believe, time moves quickly. It's been an interesting

40 Days: 3/3 Day Thirty-Five

Tuesday The yoga yesterday tore me up quite a bit, I can feel it in my body today. On top of that, today's practice with Suzanna was

40 Days: 3/2 Day Thirty-Four

Yoga Hive As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to sign up for yoga classes in a studio outside of school. The intermediate yoga class at FVCC starts on

40 Days: 3/1 Day Thirty-Three

March 1 It's the first day of March, the 33rd day of the 40 day challenge. That means there's one week left. I've been thinking I'll keep this

February 2020

40 Days: 2/29 Day Thirty-Two

Saturday I didn't get as much done on Saturday as I'd wanted. Not nearly as much. It was pretty much a lazy Saturday. I did do some yoga

40 Days: 2/28 Day Thirty-One

Friday I spent a good few hours yesterday reading and watching videos to try to get jazzed up and change my mindset towards coding. I signed up for

40 Days: 2/27 Day Thirty

3/4 through the challenge Overall, I feel that the yoga I've been doing has really helped me hold on during a somewhat difficult time. This year has just

40 Days: 2/26 Day Twenty-Nine

Wednesday Once again I posted cringe stuff on my school blog. Hopefully nobody saw it. Today wasn't the best for me; I only did a little bit of

40 Days: 2/25 Day Twenty-Eight

blog I deleted the post I had previously, if anybody saw it. I don't need to be posting cringe on my school blog. I talk way too easily

40 Days: 2/24 Day Twenty-Seven

Monday Editing this blog too. I had a good time with my dad. We worked on my cars and then looked at childhood pictures. There's a funny

40 Days: 2/23 Day Twenty-Six

Sunday I'm writing this in the past tense because it is being written on Monday, 2/24. The entire Sunday was extremely busy. The only yoga I did was

40 Days: 2/22 Day Twenty-Five

Saturday Today was exciting. I woke up at 8 to continue cleaning and to pack some stuff for an overnighter in a hotel in Missoula with my dad.

40 Days: 2/21 Day Twenty-Four

Friday This will be a short post. On Friday I worked from 8-4, taking off an hour early to go home and work on cleaning my house in

40 Days: 2/20 Day Twenty-Three

Thursday Thursday means yoga at the school in Suzanna's beginner yoga class. Since the actual physical practice we are doing takes less than an hour after the

Wildcard Project

For my wildcard project, I will be developing an online resume at I just bought this address; wasn't available and neither was I was a

40 Days: 2/19 Day Twenty-Two

In the interest of good time management, I didn’t read as much of The Heart of Yoga as usual. I actually did most of my yoga reading

40 Days: 2/18 Day Twenty-One

Tuesday Today’s yoga was at the college, with Suzanna’s beginner yoga class. We went over some basic pranayama techniques and introduced a few asanas bringing us closer to

40 Days: 2/17 Day Twenty

My morning I had a decent working Monday. My manager, Ashley, wasn't there. She makes work entertaining in a lot of ways; we laugh, joke and even

40 Days: 2/16 Day Nineteen

Sunday On Sundays, I typically cook and clean. Today, I focused on cleaning. Saucha is the first of the niyamas in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Niyamas are the second limb

40 Days: 2/15 Day Eighteen

Saturday Saturday's one of my favorite days of the week, of course. For most of the past few years, I've worked six days a week at two

40 Days: 2/14 Day Seventeen

Vday thoughts Today was Valentine's Day. I haven't had anything going on for Valentines Day since high school, when I had a girlfriend. Some Valentine's Days, I've

40 Days: 2/13 Day Sixteen

Today wasn't a bad day; I had a short time at work, only 8-11 because I needed to get into Kalispell and have my windshield replaced. It

40 Days: 2/11 Day Fourteen

Tuesday's yoga Today I woke up rather early to have my blood tested at the Flathead Valley Community Health Center. In 2017 I tested extremely low for Vitamin

40 Days: 2/12 Day Fifteen

I'm going to be making an effort to keep these posts a little bit shorter. I know I wouldn't want to read a huge block of text like

40 Days: 2/10 Day Thirteen

I'm writing this early the next morning of 2/11. I unfortunately didn't get as much sleep as I'd hoped on 2/9 and I ended up being completely exhausted

40 Days: 2/9 Day Twelve

Sunday before yoga Today I woke up rather late, at about 11 AM. I felt like I wasted quite a bit of time but didn't let it

40 Days: 2/8 Day Eleven

Saturday things Today was an unusually productive Saturday for me. Yesterday, I went to bed early in the evening and slept for a somewhat obscene amount of

40 Days: 2/7 Day Ten

Today I was quite tired. Full work days are my most exhausting days even though I'm just sitting at a computer for about 9 hours. I find myself

40 Days: 2/6 Day Nine

Today's practice was at 1pm, in Suzanna's hour long beginning yoga class. As I've mentioned, I have done this course quite a few times. Tuesday and today

40 Days: 2/5 Day Eight

Surya Namaskara and other thoughts Today, I expected to be more tired than I was, because I only got a few hours of sleep last night. I

40 Days: 2/4 Day Seven

The morning I slept most of the day yesterday and still woke up later in the morning than I usually would since it's Tuesday, the day of

Blog Entry #2 – Developer Statement

I'm Aaron Hawkins, a web developer/designer in the Flathead Valley. My goal as a developer is to attain gainful employment producing beautiful and robust websites and applications

40 Days: 2/3 Day Six

Today, I was seriously just exhausted. I think I got about 6 hours of sleep the night before, but whatever it was wasn't enough. Mondays usually aren't my

40 Days: 2/2 Day Five

Today I felt quite a bit better than I did yesterday. I was hydrated, well fed and woke up at a reasonable hour for a Sunday, about

40 Days: 2/1 Day Four

Last night I went to a friend's house and had some beers and played Dungeons and Dragons, and today I felt the effects of the beer and Taco

January 2020

40 Days: 1/31 Day Three

Today I went to work for 9 hours as I do on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When I got home at 5pm, I was pretty tired and had

40 Days: 1/30 Day Two

Yoga practice Today I fulfilled my daily yoga requirement with Suzanna. It's a nice new beginner group she has, and sometimes she uses me to demonstrate poses and

40 Days: 1/29 Day One

It's the first day of the 40 day blog practice. I meant to wake up early enough today to have a physical practice in the morning, but ended

Aaron’s 40 day plan

Welcome to Aaron Hawkins' personal blog. This is the first blog post of my portion of the "40 day challenge" in our Digital Portfolio class. The challenge which

Below is the rest of the blog unrelated to the 40 day challenge

“Brahman and Śakti are identical. If you accept the one, you must accept the other. It is like fire and its power to burn. If you see the fire, you must recognize its power to burn also. You cannot think of fire without its power to burn, nor can you think of the power to burn without fire. You cannot conceive of the sun’s rays without the sun, nor can you conceive of the sun without its rays. You cannot think of the milk without the whiteness, and again, you cannot think of the whiteness without the milk. Thus one cannot think of Brahman without Śakti, or of Śakti without Brahman. One cannot think of the Absolute without the Relative, or of the Relative without the Absolute.”
Ramakrishna, in The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (1942)


In the Kaliyuga, man, being totally dependent on food for life, cannot altogether shake off the idea that he is the body. In this state of mind it is not proper for him to say: “I am He”. When a man does all sorts of worldly things, he should not say, “I am Brahman”. Those who cannot give up attachment to worldly things, and who find no means to shake off the feeling of “I”, should rather cherish the idea, “I am God’s servant; I am His devotee.”