The morning

I slept most of the day yesterday and still woke up later in the morning than I usually would since it’s Tuesday, the day of the week I take off for school. However, it wasn’t early enough: I was a few minutes late to meet up with someone who I said I would meet up with school, and I couldn’t find him there. I didn’t even get a clear note written about which room we were meeting in, also. Since I didn’t even get his contact information like a phone number, so when I couldn’t find him by aimlessly wandering around, I gave up, worked on my blog and site for a while, then went home to cook food, before returning to the school for yoga and my classes.

This was a super frustrating reminder of what a dummy I can be sometimes. I try not to talk badly about myself, and to shut down negative internal dialogue because it usually isn’t productive. A little bit of negative internal dialogue however, within reason, seems necessary for growth. Just as both positive and negative reinforcement are used for domesticating a wild beast, both forms of reinforcement could be used to improve a person’s behavior, if they have the discipline to maintain the power to dispense these within reason upon themselves. In this case, I could have arrived on time had I managed my time better, but didn’t take it seriously enough like I would for being late to work. It’s easy to say you’ll learn for next time, not as easy to do. But I digress.


I did yoga with Suzanna at the school in the afternoon. When she asked what we thought about the previous week, I said that what really stuck with me was the word “Consistency” she had the board. She noted that as a relatively skilled but still novice yogi, consistency is important for me to continue to grow. Since I’ve been practicing for several years now, my “beginner gains” period may be almost over. At this point, the best way for me to improve is simply to consistently practice every day, as I’ve sworn to do for this project. I can and will continue reading about yoga, but I already know enough to have a practice. There’s really no excuse for me to not to be living and doing yoga every day, instead of just talking, thinking and reading about it.

Our practice today focused on breathing and Suzanna introduced Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), a really great and popular pose that I frequently use as part of my sun salutations. Though it felt pretty good today, my heels didn’t get as low as I’d like and I still can’t rest my feet completely on the ground without shaking. I’m finding these short 50-60 minute practices invigorating. The shorter 8 week courses are an hour and a half; we take a bit longer talking and reading, but there is definitely a lot more moving hatha yoga going on in the longer class period course. Today’s practice felt great.


Today I also had both photography class and Digital Portfolio class. My fears of being left behind were pretty much alleviated in Digital Photography when I was shown how to adjust the aperture and shutter speed on the camera. Now, the terms the teacher was using last period make some sense, and so do the assignments she’s given the class. After that came the Digital Portfolio class. I have pretty much all of the work that was saved on a flash drive, but it’s going to be a long process sorting it out and taking screenshots. It’s going to be interesting though; for each one I’ll think of what I did in that project. It’ll be a good reminder of what I’ve been doing in class all this time. The only thing I really lost when I lost my keys/USB drive was a few .psd files from last semester’s photography class, and most of those pictures are still on Adobe Spark, though as lesser quality files of course. The rest of my school work was pretty much preserved on my portion of the school’s servers. For the code, I’ll just try to take it a few folders at a time, looking over the projects, screenshotting and organizing them. All this time, I haven’t been as organized as I should have been with my school files. Now the heat is on and I have to actually organize all the work I saved.  After all this, I read some of the self help book from the library and then about a quarter of A Garden of Pomegranates by Israel Regardie, an excellent short book on Qabalistic magick.

Garden of pomegranates excerpt