I’m Aaron Hawkins, a web developer/designer in the Flathead Valley. My goal as a developer is to attain gainful employment producing beautiful and robust websites and applications that will improve customer’s end experience and businesses’ website visits and conversions. For me, the most fulfilling labor is work where I am producing value for both the employer and the end user.

My style is simple, informative and friendly. I appreciate sleek, minimalist design that looks great and tells visitors what they need to know quickly and easily. I focus on intuitive navigation, responsive design and optimized media assets so that the site is accessible to all visitors, including those on phones and tablets and those with a slow internet connection. I can also function as a prolific content creator: I am well read, reading at least two books every week and keeping up with the daily news, and I type at 140 words per minute.

My inspiration is to aspire towards producing a bit of internet to call my own work. Just like how a construction worker passes by stores, homes and structures in a town and says “I worked on that”, I am satisfied when I have my own work available for people to view and enjoy. For me, web design and development is both noble labor and also an extremely rewarding creative endeavor. When I finish my work and get the website live, I feel proud of what I’ve created. The site this is posted on is a good example of some of the design I like to see in a blog and a website.

My focus for the last two years in college has been primarily the coding and computers aspects of Web Technology; I am not a design student, though I have taken Photoshop and photography classes. I am still working on increasing my artistic skills, both digitally and using analog materials (I go to guided painting classes about once a month). I like clean, smooth lines and coordinating color designs that are easy on the eyes and simple to navigate. My portfolio will probably be designed using these principles. Creativity is something I need to work on: I have traditionally preferred reading and writing as my creative outlets, and have a logical mind suited more for coding than for art. I have a good grasp of HTML, CSS and PHP, with a working knowledge of Javascript and Java. Of course, using a content management system like WordPress is no problem at all.

My semester goals are pretty large scale. I am improving both in my physical abilities with yoga and weight lifting, and in my education both at FVCC and alone using Udemy and other online learning resources. I’m only taking several classes at the school; yoga, Digital Photography and Digital Portfolio Presentation. However, I also work about 32 hours a week and every other Saturday, and I’m trying to get through a self-guided Javascript class on Udemy to refresh my skills. This full schedule necessitates excellent time management skills to complete what I need to do every day and still get an adequate amount of sleep. One of my main goals for this semester along with improving my abilities as a designer and developer is simply to improve my time management and discipline so that I can attain the full benefits of my learning and exercise goals.