Today, I was seriously just exhausted. I think I got about 6 hours of sleep the night before, but whatever it was wasn’t enough. Mondays usually aren’t my favorite day in general, I guess. I ate a lot of food at work. I took a 50 minute break to go home and get my yoga done. I did some sun salutations and breathing exercises to energize me to get back to work. It worked to some extent, but I was still very lethargic sitting at my computer when 4-5pm was rolling around.


When I got home from work, I passed out and didn’t wake up until it was dark outside. I made more food, did a few exercises because my back hurt from sitting and laying down most of the day, did some writing and journaling, and then went back to sleep. I didn’t feel especially sad or depressed, just unusually tired. I know there are ways that I can control and balance my energies better. It’s now been almost a week since I said I would focus on yoga every day, and I need to get serious fast if I want to see the results I am hoping for in the next month. My goal out of this is extremely ambitious; I’m trying to use this to gain the taught result and galvanize myself to do better in daily life, to set and attain regular goals.