Last night I went to a friend’s house and had some beers and played Dungeons and Dragons, and today I felt the effects of the beer and Taco Bell I consumed. I wasn’t especially hungover, but I did feel some mild discomfort and dehydration for the first few hours after waking up, and I slept in longer than I meant to. I also didn’t feel especially motivated to attend a guided yoga class at a local studio, like I’d planned. I’m considering doing that tomorrow.

Instead, I stayed home most of the day, eating and relaxing. A part from my reading today that especially stuck out at me because of how I was feeling was Sloka 29 by Krishnamcharya.
“Food must first be offered to the Lord
then eaten in silence.
Eat at the right time sattvic food–
fresh and well cooked,
remembering God. Eat half full.
End by drinking pure and clean water.”

For my yoga practice, I followed along on a YouTube video: Wake Up Yoga – 11 Minute Morning Yoga Practice – Yoga With Adriene. This was a brief, beginner tier routine involving downward dog and a couple hip opening poses. I also moved into a few more downward dog stretches because my hamstrings were feeling somewhat tight. I felt better but still required more rest than I would have normally because of the excessive alcohol the night before. I rarely drink, and often feel bad the next day even if I eat plenty of food and drink half a gallon of water. I’ll be avoiding alcohol for a while, as I don’t typically drink during the week and rarely see friends on the weekends.